Valeting and Detailing Methods

It all depends on how good you want your car to look. You cannot make it look like showroom condition in a couple of hours work. The glossy shine on show cars is not done with a miracle wax, its in the preparation using claybars to remove surface contaminants, then machine polishing with a compound to remove swirl marks & light scratches, which affects the way the light reflects on your paintwork. This is then machine polished with a fine grade polish to bring back the gloss finish. Now the paintwork is ready to be sealed using a carnauba wax or sealant.

I only use high quality cleaning products, unlike ‘hand-car wash/ valeting bays, who are only interested in getting you in & out ASAP, & who use strong traffic film removers, that yes, remove dirt but also strip any sealant or waxes on your paintwork. Also, the handwash guys use dirty buckets of water, so they also rub grit into your paintwork causing swirl marks ( look into your paintwork under sunlight & see the swirls, like a cobweb effect).

I use the ‘two-bucket method’ so this reduces the chance of causing the swirl marks. The idea is to use one bucket of water/shampoo & another bucket with just clean water.

One panel is washed at a time, then the lambswool mitt is rinsed in the clean water to remove all the dirt from the mitt, then back into the shampoo bucket. So you are always using a clean mitt on your paintwork. This is a simple but very effective method of reducing swirls in your paintwork, which is reflected in the finishes I achieve.

So rest assured your car will be in safe hands & you will not be disappointed with the results.

Why not give me a try ?

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